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Heat treatment - all natural, no added bacteria

Ginger steam therapy completely pulls out the wind, cold, dampness, poison and carcinogenic heavy metals from the bones through perspiration, thereby making the blood supply function of the body more smooth.

In addition,  ginger steam therapy has a good effect on gout, bone hyperplasia, femoral head necrosis, skin diseases, as well as women's uterine cold, dysmenorrhea, and breast diseases.


The benefits of regular ginger steaming therapy:

1. Relax nerves, promote blood circulation, enhance oxygen supply to the brain, relieve shoulder and neck pain, neuralgia, muscle pain, and migraine.


2. Improve the symptoms of insomnia, dreaminess, mental weakness, strengthen the mind.


3. Improve the mental state of tension and stagnation, and refresh the mind.


4. Improve immunity, improve sub-health, enhance body resistance.


5. Improve skin dryness, dullness, freckles and other adverse skin phenomena caused by liver qi stagnation.


6. Prevent frozen shoulder and spondylosis.

We use highland turmeric and galangal, together with 42 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, combined with Japanese nano-transdermal technology to volatile medicinal properties, which can effectively discharge moisture from the body, accelerate blood circulation, and improve the body's metabolic function.

Blending Chinese herbs: Japanese highland ginger, with Achyranthes, Sichuan pepper, Atractylodes, Angelica, Aconite, Acorus, Eucommia, Ephedra, Salvia, Chuanqiong, Campanulaceae, Wujiapi, Asarum, Dried Ginger, Qinjie, Evodia, Artemisia argyi, Fangfeng, Astragalus, Aconitum, Qianghuo, Shujiao, Dogwood, Guixin, etc. (premixed)



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