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Enzyme bath will change people lifestyle and values


Heat treatment - all natural, no added bacteria

IYU uses only rice bran and 24 types of Chinese traditional medicines  for the enzyme bath, where various natural chemical reactions occur. The benefits of enzyme activities are maximized by using 100% rice bran unlike other types of enzyme baths which use sawdust or cypress wood shavings.
The rice bran enzyme bath offers the best texture and produces sustainable heat. In the old days, rice bran was used as a natural soap and a tranquilizer, and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Rice bran enzyme baths create the best environment to maximize the benefits of enzyme baths.

The enzyme bath heat is generated through fermentation. This fermentation process in our baths is done naturally without any help of additional bacteria. The heat is created only by the original bacteria in rice bran. It takes about two hours to take care of the rice bran in each tub every day. It is important to spend time and provide tender loving care to create a the best condition in the tubs.

Enzyme is "a limited resource" in every living creature.
Without enzymes, we can't digest food or move our bodies. Many of us suffer from an enzyme deficiency. Enzymes penetrate into your body through your open pores and activate the cells of your body, which slows aging, strengthens the immune system and improves natural self-healing. This will lead to the recovery of many of your health issues.

Enzyme temperatures rise to 60C-70C in an all-natural process. Rice bran has a soft and fluffy texture and the enzyme bath is completely unlike a sauna. It is a similar experience to a sand bath. Many people feel comfortable enveloped in the rice bran and fall asleep.
Just 15 minutes soaking in the radiant heat of an enzyme bath warms up your body internally. After perspiring in the bath and enhancing metabolic processes, you will be surprised to feel your smooth skin when you wash off in the shower. The enzyme bath helps you with health issues, improves your skin, aids in weight loss and slows aging. Please come and enjoy the ultimate relaxation.



SGD 68 for 1st Trial 



"Enzyme bath will change your mindset and your life"

People lose confidence when they are sick. Illness sometimes causes problems in people's relationships with others, and causes problems within families. Physical health brings mental health. After gaining health, some of my customers try new things they had given up when they were sick. Your relationship with your family improves. Some people search for reasons for explain why they got sick. Enzyme bath brings you physical health along with mental health and beauty. This eventually leads to an increase in the number of happy people.

It isn't an easy job. But it is my strong belief that people can do anything as long as they are healthy. IYU's reward is looking at the happy faces of our clients.

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